Jen's Get Fit


Billing Information:

Non-recurring memberships will be billed on the date booked.

Cancellation Information:

Non-recurring memberships cannot be canceled nor will any refunds be issued once purchased.


Billing Information:

Recurring memberships will renew each month on the same numbered date of purchase, or the business date before if the actual date falls on a non-business date. Once the automatic payment process begins, it cannot be stopped. The payment merchant will proceed through a retry process should the payment initially fail.


  • If you purchase your recurring membership on the 20th of August, your membership will renew on the 20th of each month until canceled.
  • If you purchase your recurring membership on the 20th of August and September 20th falls on a Saturday, your membership will be billed on the closest business date.
  • Once a recurring membership is billed, it cannot be canceled nor will any refunds be issued once billed.
Cancellation Information:

In order to cancel a recurring membership, Member must notify JGFG by Email no later than Five (5) Business days prior to the membership renewing.


  • If Member’s membership will renew on August 20th, Member must notify JGFG no later than midnight on August 15th.
  • If Member fails to notify JGFG at least Five (5) Business Days prior to the membership renewing, the billing cannot be stopped and Member will be charged for another month of membership that cannot be canceled or refunded.
  • If a Member’s recurring plan fails, for any reason, the Member has twenty four (24) hours from the cancellation notification email to re-sign up with a new payment method. If the Member fails to re-sign up with in the twenty four (24) hour period the Member’s access will be removed until updated with a new payment method.


The Jen’s Get Fit Group Affiliate Program is available only to current members of Jen’s Get Fit Group. The Affiliate Program will only apply when a NEW JGFG member books their first membership using Member’s specific code. New member means a person who was not a paying member within the last ninety (90) days. It takes 24 hours for the rewards to apply to Member’s account. If the new member does not use Member’s code when booking, there is no way to retroactively apply the affiliate discount on either account. Any misuse of the Affiliate Program will result in 1) Member being banned from participating in the Affiliate Program and 2) immediate revocation of all discounts earned due to the misuse. 


There are no refunds once a membership is purchased or billed. However, if a Member accidentally signs up for multiple memberships at the time of booking, the extra membership can either be 1) added to the immediately proceeding month or 2) refunded for a five ($5) dollar fee. Refunds will not be issued for any other reason.

А Member is unsure whether or not they need to resign up, please contact JGFG on Facebook or Email.