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We're here to clap the loudest for you—every step of your journey.

"Whether you're just beginning or advanced, I'll bring you daily challenges to push your limits and expand your capacity to do hard things. And with 24/7 access to me for support, you'll never feel alone or defeated."
– Jen

Founder // Instructor

Jennifer Loganbill

It’s taken me eleven years to get to where I am, so I’ll be the first to say that there are no shortcuts. I know on a personal level the amount of effort, discipline, and consistency that it takes to make this a lifestyle. I want to empower you to find what works for you. Read more >>


Jonathan Loganbill

When I first started these workouts, I was doubtful they would be challenging enough— I had been lifting weights at the gym for years. But it only took one workout to change my mind. When you show up and power through each workout with consistency, strength, and discipline—you will change your life. Read more >>

Meet Rachel

Rachel manages all of your memberships and makes the magic happen behind the scenes. ​

“I’ve been a member of JGFG through several different seasons of life. In those difficult and hard seasons, the healthy lifestyle and strength I’ve gained has helped me overcome with a more positive and strong mindset.”

What’s your favorite thing about JGFG?
“The support, encouragement, and positivity that flows and radiates from the strong women in the group— it’s beyond inspiring!”

Favorite pump-up song?
“Low” by Flo Rida!

What keeps you motivated?
“The feeling of strength I get on all levels.”