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How To Start Working Out at Home (Successfully!)

Working out at home is the perfect way to get exercise without heading to the gym. Getting into a good home workout routine can be difficult and challenging, but by working out at home you can improve your mood, increase your energy, and boost your overall health. 

If you’re beginning your at-home fitness journey, read on for some of the tips that I share with my #sweatysisters. Let me help you build muscle, strength, & confidence from the comfort of your living room.

Add Working Out to Your Daily Routine

You’re probably asking yourself, how do you start working out at home, successfully? You have to transform your life, body, mind, and heart. But, I get it, that’s a lot easier said than done. 

You first need to start by carving out some time every day to workout. Then, pick a time and stick to it. Treat your daily workout as if it were an appointment that you can’t miss. Building healthy habits takes time, but it’s much easier when you incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Once it becomes ingrained in your daily routine, it’ll become a habit. Creating a routine keeps you on track and helps you stay motivated. Soon, it will feel strange to skip your at-home workout. You’re not always going to be motivated, and that’s where I can help by teaching you discipline and consistency. 

Keep Things Exciting

Keep in mind, however, doing the same thing everyday can become dull and begin to feel like a chore. That’s why you want to keep things fresh, and fun, by changing up your at-home workout routines. This way, you’ll never get bored with exercise. 

Look for fun, interactive workout routines you can do from your living room that offer a variety of experience levels and styles to choose from.

When you add variety to your workout, you’re not just keeping yourself motivated. You’re also working on strengthening different muscle groups while giving others some time to recover.

Keep things fresh and new by regularly challenging yourself to incorporate new workouts. The more variety you have to choose from, the more challenging and exciting working out from home will become.

How to Start Working Out at Home: Choose a Space

One major difference between the gym & at-home workouts is space. I recommend having a designated room in your home to get in your daily exercise. Create a workout space that is comfortable to you, such as a spare bedroom, corner of the basement, or rarely used playroom. Get creative with it, just make sure you have plenty of room to move around!

Choosing a space to workout at home makes the process easy, and trains your brain to recognize that these parts of your home are for a specific task. Have fun, and decorate your exercise oasis with motivational artwork, mount a TV, and organize your equipment. Create a space you want to be in!

It’s As Fun As You Make It

Some days you’ll feel powerful and motivated to press play. Other days you may find it hard to get motivated. Take dance breaks, get your kids involved during a workout, call up a friend to do a workout together, invite your significant other to workout with you and make it a date! Do something to get up, and get moving. 

Once you find the workout routines you love to do, it’s much easier to continue to do them. Try different workout styles until you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

Sure, working out can be tough, but it should be fun, too! Choose the at-home routines you actually like! Whether it’s pilates or cardio, yoga or weight training…as long as you stick to them you’ll be successful!

Find Your Accountability 

If you struggle with staying motivated or keeping up with your workouts, it’s helpful to find someone (or someones) to hold you accountable. Whether it’s a friend to walk with, or a group workout, finding support is an important part of workout success.

Having someone to hold you accountable will keep you motivated. For example, my company is a group of like-minded individuals that come together to become the best versions of ourselves. We wake up, show up, hustle up, sweat, laugh, cry, and power through every workout together. ⁣

No matter who you are, or where you are in your fitness journey, we’re here to encourage, inspire, and support each other. Having an accountability partner (or joining my online fitness group) is also great for your mental health. You’ll have someone to push you, and a friend (or group of friends) to support you along the way. It’s a great way to build strong, long-lasting relationships while having someone there to make sure you never lose sight of your goals.

Start Today

Set yourself up for success by keeping my tips in mind as you learn how to workout at home. With the right space, a variety of exercises, and a little bit of motivation, you’ll be having fun in no time!

If all this sounds like something you’d love to try, contact me today and become a part of the #sweatysisterhood!

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