How to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Are you ready to kickstart your fitness journey, but struggling to set and stick to fitness goals? You’re not alone! Nearly half of the US has trouble kicking bad habits and keeping healthy ones.  That’s why I’m here to help! Jen’s Get Fit Group can provide meal plans, support, and schedule-friendly, daily exercise routines to […]

How to Set and Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Do you have trouble staying motivated and sticking to your fitness goals every year? You’re not alone. Experts estimate that up to 80% of New Years’ resolutions (especially goals related to health and fitness) are abandoned by February. That’s why I’m here to help! Read on, and let me share my tips for finding the […]

7 Tips for Creating a Home Gym

Having a space dedicated to your at-home workouts makes the process easy, and trains your brain to recognize that these parts of your home are for a specific task. A home gym can also provide easy-access to fitness. A perk for all of us with busy schedules!       But, where do you start? Let me help! […]

10 Common Home Workout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

At-home workouts are more popular than ever! In fact, a study found that 64 percent of people are now more likely to try at-home fitness over going to a gym. If you fall into that 64%, then you’ve come to the right place! I can help you start your at-home routine, keep it, and hopefully […]

7 Cardio Exercises To Do at Home

cardio exercises

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends that people exercise for 150 minutes a week? That’s less than 24 minutes a day to improve your health and fitness. You can do that, and I can help! The WHO also recommends following along with an online fitness class (hint, hint).  One easy way to […]

Sweat Your Booty Off With These 7 At Home Glute Exercises

glute exercises at home

Booty, butt, derriere, backside, bum…whatever you call it, there are advantages to working out your gluteus minimus, medius and maximus muscles. You might be wishing for a booty like J-Lo, and we can work on that goal, but there are many (more realistic) benefits to glute exercise.  Strong glutes help you climb stairs, lift heavy […]

Why It’s Important to Incorporate Macros Into Your Workout Routine


How we fuel our bodies is just as important as the calories we burn and the muscles we build. There are TONS of diet plans out there. You can count calories, points, carbs…or, you can track one of the most countable elements: macros. Similar to counting calories or points, tracking macros takes the idea one […]

5 Tips To Create (and Keep) Healthy Habits

Having a regular healthy routine is a great way to promote health and wellness, and provide structure and organization. As creatures of habit, we thrive off of routine. A daily healthy habit can help us sleep, ease stress, or even keep a healthy diet and lifestyle.  There are so many benefits to incorporating health and […]

How to Start Weight Training at Home: The Best Exercises

When you think about exercise, you probably think of running, and other cardio. That’s probably one reason why more than 50 percent of Americans meet guidelines for aerobic activity, but far fewer Americans meet guidelines for muscle strengthening. I’m here to help show you there’s more to be gained by including a variety of weight […]