Jonathan Loganbill

When I first started these workouts, I was doubtful they would be challenging enough— I had been lifting weights at the gym for years. But it only took one workout to change my mind. When you show up and power through each workout with consistency, strength, and discipline—you will change your life. 

Meet Jon


What’s up! I’m Jon—also known as the guy sweating in the background during Jen’s workouts. I’m not going to lie—when I first started joining her for the 24-minute sessions, I was skeptical.

I’m no stranger to gym life—I’ve been lifting for 15 years and have played sports at the collegiate level. After leaving college sports, my workout regimen took a backseat due to starting my own trucking company and raising a family. Since joining Jen and her program, I’ve put on more lean muscle and dropped percentage body fat—and I’m currently in the best shape of my life. Jen’s 24-minute workouts push me to the limits every time I give her full effort. 

Whether you’ve been looking to target specific muscle groups for growth or hoping to shed pounds with some high-intensity training, Jen’s workouts are strategically designed to address every part of the body. Ultimately you are the only one responsible for your results—but we’ll give you all the tools you need to #neversettle.

While your journey towards wellness is unique and personal—it’s empowering to remember that you’re not alone. We find it motivating working out together, and highly recommend finding a workout partner so you can push each other when you want to quit. However, if you’re flying solo, we are always here for support and help motivate you on your hard days!

"Ultimately you are the only one responsible for your results—but we’ll give you all the tools you need to #neversettle."


Bringing you FREE Top Notch workouts for all fitness levels. I take the guess work out. All you have to do is press play. Follow the link below and come focus and sweat with me!

Meet Jen

"I've been training men since early 2019, and have witnessed firsthand how you can get a good pump-in and build muscles at home in just 24 minutes. Give me one month and I'll prove it to you.​"


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