6 Benefits of Being a Part of the Online Accountability Group (JGFG #sweatysisterhood)

Did you know that only 23% of adults in the United States meet the CDC guidelines for regular physical activity? Many adults are in the habit of getting aerobic exercise, such as running, but a large portion of those adults neglect muscle strengthening. The best way to train is by taking my online fitness course at-home and sweating alongside the #sweatysisterhood.  It doesn’t get much easier than working out in your own home! 

If you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, I can help you! It could be that your current workout routine and diet regimen aren’t meeting the right balance. I can help you find that balance through a combined approach of consistency in both training and proper nutrition.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about the 6 biggest benefits of online fitness courses.

1. Take an Online Fitness Course Anywhere in the World

Given the current circumstances in the world, there are a lot of reasons why people are choosing remote fitness classes over trips to the gym.

By joining the #sweatysisterhood, you give yourself the opportunity to learn from 3-time winner of Missouri’s Best Personal Trainer, and get a community of uplifting, like-minded women from all over the country (and outside of the country). 

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of taking an online fitness course is that it’s just that: online! You can fit in a work out anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to wifi!

My fitness program takes the travel time out of your workout routine, making it not only easier to get to Jen’s Get Fit Group regularly, but easier to keep motivated and in the moment. Take the guesswork out, all you have to do is press play!

2. Progress at Your Own Pace

My program can offer you the chance to personalize your routine more than you can in a gym. Since you’re working out from the comfort of your own home, you can follow along at your own pace. 

I understand that working out is personal, and not everyone starts out in the same place. That’s why I offer a low-impact series to ease yourself into a new daily workout. You may quickly adapt to some exercises, and need more time to perfect others. That’s perfectly normal! 

When you work out in your own living room, there is nothing keeping you from adjusting your workout to fit your needs. As long as you make sure you listen to my advice, and stay consistent, you can reach your fitness goals. I can help you workout longer, become stronger, and be the best version of yourself!

3. No More Embarrassment 

I strive to make Jen’s Get Fit Group a judgement free zone. This is your safe space to become the strongest version of you. I know lifting weights can sound intimidating, but I’m here to help you realize how strong you actually are. We’re here to empower, and motivate one another. I want you to build confidence, and workout free from embarrassment. 

Everyone has different skill levels, and there is no need to compare yourself to others. When you do, you only limit your potential, and I want you to feel like the strongest in the room. 

You don’t have to be afraid of anyone seeing you fail or make a mistake, we’ve all been there. I keep my workouts real life. I want to challenge you to try new and ambitious things! 

4. Accountability Made Easy 

When you sign up for Jen’s Get Fit Group, you’re signing up to be part of our community, the #sweatysisterhood. I know it’s difficult to motivate yourself when you’re working out alone, and we have the solution for that problem. 

My online fitness group can hold you accountable for your progress you make through our exclusive Facebook page that includes motivation from your #sweatysisterhood, as well as tips and tricks from myself.

In the #sweatysisterhood, everyone is in the same boat. You have all gathered here to improve your body, mind, and spirit. And, I know that’s a tough order, which is why we need to rely on each other for motivation and support. Thousands of entirely different bodies, minds, lifestyles, cultures, beliefs all coming together to become the best version of ourselves. ⁣

I know better than anyone that the perfect workout routine combines flexibility and convenience with unrelenting motivation. 

5. Workouts Built For Your Schedule

You already know how convenient it is to work out from your own home. But did you know that my workouts are only 24-30 minutes long? I know, it’s surprising!

There’s no need to go to the gym for hours every day. With my workouts all you need is 24 minutes a day, five days a week, you just need to push play. I’ll take all the guesswork out for you to make it comfortable, and easy. I’m confident that you’ll not only discover your strongest self, but also learn how to make it a lifestyle.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” Well, that’s the idea behind my workout routines. You’ll certainly be working hard, and you’ll sweat, but you will never be wasting time that could have been better spent on something else. 

6. The Perfect Mix of Tough Love and Support

There’s a reason it’s called a sisterhood. When you join my workout group, you’ll enter into a supportive and honest group of hardworking women. We’ll laugh, cry, and mess up together every now and then. I’ll be there to motivate you with tough love, clap the loudest for you, and make sure you never feel alone as you’re making your way towards the strongest version of yourself. 

Progress is earned, never given here. The consistency and discipline that I can teach you will be your secret to success in JGFG. I make it easy to keep track, and myself and the #sweatysisterhood will make sure you stay on track.

Sticking to a routine is easier said than done, but that’s why I encourage my #sweatysisters to be there for each other without judgement. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We keep it real life here. No matter how many times you slip up, we’re always here to guide you back into your routine!

Join the #SweatySisterhood Today!

I promise you won’t regret joining my community. Why do it alone, when you don’t have to. There’s true magic when women come together, hold hands through shared struggles, laughs, and hard work. 

This is exactly why I started this community. I know it will be hard, but it will also be worth it. I believe that this is an important journey, and can be a good journey towards a better lifestyle. My daily goal is to make sure you know you’re beautiful, worth it, and made to shine!

Don’t wait until tomorrow, you can sign up for your first month of training today.