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With my quick and effective 30-minute workouts, you'll find the consistency you need to become the version of yourself you've always wanted. Whether at home, the gym, or on the go—I'm right there with you.





You are strong, powerful, worthy!

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Feeling lost in your fitness journey? Short on time? Tried everything? I understand completely. That’s why I offer five new weekly workouts, centered on weight lifting and functional strength training, catering to all fitness levels. Accessible anytime, anywhere, these workouts are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. I offer 1:1 macro coaching and nutrition guidance. Take the first step today and start changing your life! 

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Jen Loganbill
I will meet you wherever you're at in your journey.
Jen Loganbill
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Missouri’s Best Entrepreneur, Best Personal Trainer, and Best Health and Fitness Club for 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and we just won again for 2024 — experience the magic for yourself by joining our rapidly growing community – with thousands of like-minded women. We will always clap the loudest for YOU! 

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Own your power, embrace your journey!

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No matter what season of life or fitness level, I am here to support you. My online community embodies a Sisterhood of inspiration, camaraderie, and empowerment. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete– change your life today! Start loving yourself on the inside and out!

Own Your Power, Embrace your Fitness Journey!


JGFG has changed my life physically and mentally. Providing me with an empire of Jen’s Sweaty Sisters who challenge and support me on my journey to be stronger and healthier. 24 minute at-home workouts coordinate with my busy lifestyle and help me achieve my goals. You are the strongest in the room!

Member – 36 weeks

My body is strong, my mind is strong, and my soul is happy! Jen let’s me release the stress of the day with no judgment. Because of Jen… life is better. And because of Jen I’m always the strongest in the room!

Member – 32 weeks

JGFG has made me a better person. I have more self esteem, I see myself as beautiful, I can do hard things! My body has changed so much for the better! I’ve lost 27 lbs so far but I’ve noticed more in inches off my waist. I’m a mom of two who had no motivation before Jen’s group.

Member – 14 weeks

I’ve always felt like the weak girl so I never thought Jens get fit group was for me. I have two kids, I work full time, and we are farmers. I used to struggle picking up a 25 pound bag of dog food and now I can pick up a 50 pound bag of mineral or feed no problem. I have never been in this great of shape. Jens get fit has made me stronger mentally and physically. I am so glad I joined over 22 weeks ago to work on my best self!

Member – 22 weeks

I’m on week 44 with JGFG. JGFG has changed my life and I no longer think of working out as a punishment, but as a celebration of what my body can do. I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle and teach my daughter about fueling her body. Most importantly I have learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

Member – 44 weeks

JGFG means that I get to work out with my husband in our own home for less than a gym membership for two! It means everyday I am encouraged to show up for myself, and to take 24 minutes for me!
JGFG means I am never alone in my health journey!

Member – 52 weeks
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We believe that wellness is a team sport, so we’ve put together some free kid-friendly workouts for your entire family to enjoy!

Free Workouts for Your Kids